….later. No one seems to have found anything very much interesting or original in Blair’s book, though Jim Pickard in the FT’s blog has the truest comment about the memoirs which is that the former prime minister is an utterly lousy writer. Pickard gives a few examples, but they can be picked from each execrable page as readily as blackberries from the Autumn bramble.

Could do with a decent editor too. Take this from p. 325: the great man has just dealt with the Prescott punching incident at the 2001 election and is swinging effortlessly into a formulaic tribute to the former deputy prime minister. “John Prescott”, he writes, “always brought something unique to the Labour Party, and to the government”.  Having teed us up with that controversial statement he sets off for a paragraph about what that unique something might have been. And then starts the next one “what did John bring to the party?” Don’t tell me. It’s not something unique is it?

And so on, for 690 long and irritating pages.