Paul Waugh, the Deputy Political Editor of the Evening Standard, reports that Andrew Rosindell, the fantastically right-wing Tory MP for fantastically right-wing Romford, is campaigning to repeal the Dangerous Dogs Act, citing his Staffordshire bull terrier Buster as a model of canine rectitude that should not be discriminated against by this breedist legislation.  Frankly, the odds would be better if Buster cited Andrew Rosindell in the case for repeal, though the MP’s campaign is not a new one. Google the subject and you turn up a video from last year’s Crufts where Rosindell waxes eloquent about the kind and loving family pet that is your average Staffy. Much tickling of tummies on display; of the dog that is.

At the time Rosindell was shadow minister for animal welfare, a bizarrely narrow choice since you can see him standing up for bull terriers or Dobermans or maybe even tarantulas, but unlikely to champion the cause of doe-eyed kittens or endangered species of fruit bat.  Needless to say, this particular ministerial gaff was nabbed by a Liberal Democrat when the coalition came along, leaving Mr Rosindell to kick his heels on the foreign affairs committee – or perhaps that should be kicking foreigners – and in charge of the splendid All Party Flags and Heraldry Committee.

Rarely photographed more than ten feet from a Union Jack, Mr Rosindell is passionate about flags – well one flag anyway – but I would love to know who are the other MPs who share this particular fetish.  As to his Committee, it sounds like the body to whom Peter Mandelson might want to apply to design his coat of arms.